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Are the most a plugin described as Gutenberg blocks for content marketers.  Which should give a clear idea of ​​who the target audience of this plugin is. Custom blocks, high rating and over thousand. Installations made this plugin a must-have on our list. Coblocks plugin CoBlocks is distinguished by blocks useful, for example, for creating landing pages. Row and column block – allows you to design a dynamic layout thanks to the ‘grid’ system. Carousel block – allows you to create galleries and carousels of imagesphotos. Alert block – adds aesthetic warnings or information in the form of a box.

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Author block – allows you to add an author’s profile in the article. Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin Ultimate Blocks is another plugin that was create with bloggers and marketers in mind. It allows you to create better and more interesting content in the new editor. Although it is not the most popular plugin, it receives only the highest marks in reviews and opinions. Ultimate blocks gutenberg plugin Ultimate Blocks includes over a dozen advanced photo editor blocks. Review block – allows you to add product reviews with its features. Summary and rating. Table of contents block – helps you create a table of contents.

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Compose of article headings. Call-to-action block – allows you to create an advance ‘call to action’ element. Notification block – allows you to insert an aesthetic notification box in the content. Stackable – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Stackable is the last Gutenberg plugin on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s the worst choice. On the contrary. It is distinguishe by almost blocks and increible ER Lists attention to detail, which was appreciate by over , people. users. stackable blocks plugin Stackable offers custom blocks, including. Container block – allows you to combine different blocks in one row or column.

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