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 By Form: You can use the hidden segmentation features on forms, pop-ups, and landing pages to segment subscribers based on the forms that subscribers sign up for. When you know where subscribers are coming from, you can provide specific content based on these channels. By geography and time zone: Segmentation by geolocation( location) and time zone will allow you to send emails at the best time in each market and region.

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Grouping of segments In addition to each  new database  segment type that I show you separately, you are also allowed to combine “ and group segments according to your needs. You can combine subscriber fields to create new segments. You can also create custom fields to improve positioning. The breakdown will allow you to do great things Yes! Pop-ups You can create many different types of pop-ups for your website: lightbox mode pop-ups, slideshows, half-screen, full-screen In addition,

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 you will have a number of pre-designed templates that will help you not have to start with white paper. Testing Testing Testing is well known in the digital marketing world and allows us to test different content to see which works best. The essence of the test is to change only one element, whether it is an  ER Lists  email, landing page, banner, etc. and then see which element has the best conversion effect or the best effect. For this, you can test email and landing pages by the percentage of users or visitors you decide.

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