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A bystander in a public place or any family member can use it to jolt your heart and bring it back to a normal rhythm and hopefully save your life. Giving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) after cardiac arrest can keep blood flowing through your heart and brain for a long time. But in most cases, the only defibrillation can restore the heart’s normal rhythm. How to Use an AED If you see that someone is lying fainted and suspect that they may need an AED.

Use the AED to Save Someone's Life:

Check if the person is breathing and has a pulse. In case you cannot feel a pulse, and theĀ email database person is not breathing, call for emergency help immediately. If more than one person is present, one should call an emergency number while the other prepares the AED. If you are alone, call emergency services first to ensure that the help is on the way. The automated external defibrillator can give you step-by-step voice instructions.

How to Check for Breathing

It guides, pulse count. Additionally, it also instructs on how you should positionĀ ER Lists electrode pads on the person’s chest. When you place the pads on the instructed place, the AED automatically measures the person’s heart rhythm. It also determines if a person needs a shock or not. If he/she is, then the machine tells the user to stand back and push the respective button to deliver the shock. The AED will alarm you not to deliver a shock if it is not needed.

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