How to integrate digital marketing and sales actions

Integrating digital marketing and sales actions is not as simple a challenge as it seems. In addition to the pressure for results, there is always the issue of “who gets the lead” or “how to qualify the lead and pass it on to the sales team”. Digital marketing and sales areas are often seen as separate departments, with different objectives and goals. This can lead to a lack of communication and coordination, hurting the bottom line for both departments. So, here’s the question: how to integrate digital marketing and sales actions, aligning expectations and creating true unity between processes? Firstly, it is essential that both areas have a unique CRM – Customer Relationship Management environment. Teams must have recurring alignments (weekly, preferably) so that business objectives are understood and achieved.

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Digital marketing and sales actions: Create a documentation policy Today you can find dozens of tools that can help with this. Leave spreadsheets and just emails aside and bet on digital marketing and sales platforms, be your business of any size. There will always be a tool that fits in Outlook Email Lists your pocket and you  sure that the return is guarante. Here at Agência Bowie, we use RD Station Marketing and CRM – we are a Diamond Partner Agency and 2x champion in the Results Digital Awards. Create a feedback culture What are the ideal leads for your company? Do you have a defined strategic plan? How were the meetings with the Sales Team? Were the leads cold or were they worth it? Having answers about the results achieved.

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A problem to understand this, but when it happens everything improves. Not creating conflicts or different goals is a good way to integrate teams. Avoiding “blaming” failure (or success) on one team or another helps integrate people and makes. The challenge of selling lighter and more ER Lists objective. Other content you might be interest in: 4 Cautions You Should Have With “Digital Marketing Gurus” How to integrate. Marketing and Sales actions in Digital Marketing How to define metrics in. Digital Marketing actions to measure results How important is the Bowie Agency to integrate digital marketing and sales actions? Having a Digital Marketing Agency like Bowie to integrate digital marketing and sales actions can be a valuable resource for companies that want to get better results. The culture of “internalizing areas” is common in Brazil and in our 10 years of experience we have observed that it makes results difficult.

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