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With all of you… my professional crush. Alexandra Product Innovations Quiroga, alias “SEO princess. You are facing the best guide in Spanish that has been. Published on the Internet, to generate income with the business. Of niche ecommerce format websites… so save this post in favorites, recommend it, but above all… read it and apply! I’ll leave you with them, Alex. But first of all! Alexandra Quiroga is going to be a speaker at the niche SEO event that we will do on March 22 and 23 and she will tell us how she monetizes 11,000 a month with ecommerce niches.

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If you want to see her presentation category email list completely free of charge, sign up here . Article index 1 My first €10,000 with Shopify and Dropshipping 2 Gutting my strategy 2.1 Phase 1 2.2 Phase 2 2.3 Phase 3 2.4 Phase 4 3 Finding winning products that generate 5 figures a month 3.1 The product must meet 7 key factors 3.1.1 Do you have searches and keywords? 3.1.2 Suppliers with margin? 3.1.3 Scaling? 3.1.4 Sales test 3.1.5 Evergreen 3.1.6 Information and content for Marketing.

Alexandra Quiroga writes to you here

High perceived value 4 Optimizing ER Lists and positioning our Shopify 5 Passive Campaigns on Facebook Ads 6 Conclusion of an Ecommerce crazy woman Hello, hello reader! How is everything going? Well, I introduce myself, Alexandra Quiroga writes to you here, nichera at heart and entrepreneur by vocation. For many years I fell in love with the idea of ​​living off my online income and being able to have the freedom to travel and explore the world. Typical, right? Well, the truth is that for me at 20 it wasn’t so much, since my family has nothing to do with this world.

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