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Finally we can announce it. From April 18 to 21, marketing professionals and digital entrepreneurs meet in Zaragoza Activa for the largest Social Media event in Zaragoza this year: smZAC . An event based on free training for attendees, with a poster that takes the hiccups in its first edition. More than 30 hours of free Social Media training in Zaragoza to learn, practice and network. Are you going to miss it? Do you want to know who the speakers are this year? SmZAC free For me, professionally, it is an honor that the Zaragoza Activa team, with Raúl Oliván at the helm, thought of me to help co-organize this event .

I add my small

Grain of sand, as my activity is small compared to the great professionals we have contacted. I do want to thank, and highlight, Rebeca Soria ‘s role in managing it , an essential company data task that has made everything much easier for me. In this 2016 edition, smZAC has the professionals that you will meet below. All great marketing professionals and prestigious agencies. But ‘threatened’ (hehe), with more marketing contacts and friends that my work has left me with over the years, and of whom I am very proud. In case there are more editions or new formats The original idea was to bring together good marketing and social media professionals and agencies from Zaragoza and the rest of Spain , for free intensive training in different formats , aimed at marketing professionals and digital entrepreneurs .

The event takes

Place in Zaragoza Activa , in Más de las Matas 20 in Zaragoza. In 3 spaces: the Plaza Activa, La Colaboradora and the Multimedia Room. Workshops, talks ER Lists and simultaneous presentations for 4 days, from April 18 to 21 . Without a doubt, it is the largest Social Media event in Zaragoza of the year. SmZAC free Specifically for professionals in this area, who want to deepen their. Skills and thus improve in their daily work as a freelancer or within their companies. The idea is not to compete with other good formats that already exist in Zaragoza, such as the magnificent Web Congress or SEO Salad , but to add, to make Zaragoza, and specifically Zaragoza Activa, a meeting space between professionals and provide it with regularity and good powerful in every event.

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