Google account blocked and disabled Find out how to avoid and solve the problem

Having a suspended and deactivated Google account can be a significant inconvenience. In addition to losing access to services such as Gmail, YouTube, Play Store and Google Drive, Android cell phone users also face complications in the functioning of the system. This article, we will discuss possible reasons for Google account blocking and provide guidance on how to avoid it. In addition, we will introduce the Yellow Brasil agency, ready to take over your account and help you obtain the necessary results. Reasons for permanent account suspension: Violation of terms of use: By not following the policies set forth by Google, including those related to services like YouTube and the Play Store, you risk having your account terminated. It is important to respect copyright, avoid pornographic or sexually explicit content, among other prohibited behaviors.

Submitting Phishing and Malware Using Gmail and other Google

Services to send fake emails or malware is consider a criminal activity. It is essential not to engage in practices that could compromise the security of users. Spam Practice: Sending unwanted or unauthorized materials through Google services, such as emails, comments or promotional photos, is strictly prohibited. Avoid sending content to unknown people or in large quantities to avoid Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List having your account suspended. Sharing content related to child exploitation: Google vigorously combats the creation, sharing, sending and uploading of content that exploits or abuses children. Any involvement with this type of material will result in account suspension and possible reporting to the appropriate authorities. Sharing terrorist content: Sharing content intended to recruit people into terrorist organizations, incite violence, glorify terrorist attacks, or promote acts of terrorism is strictly prohibited. Make sure you understand the context before posting any content related to this topic.

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The creation of false identities in order to carry out social engineering scams

Violation of Google policies. It’s important to use Google services authentically and avoid creating fake accounts with misleading information. Using bots to send automated messages: The use of bots to automatically. Make phone calls or send messages is prohibit by Google. Such automated software can lead to fraudulent activity and increase advertisers’ costs. Avoid using robots to manipulate ER Lists the system. Solving the problem: If you have had your account block and disabl, you can request a cancellation. Review and seek account restoration, follow the steps below to try to regain access to your account. Go to Google account recovery page recovery. Enter the email address of the account that is block and click ”. If you remember the previous password, enter it when prompted.

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