Storytelling and Emotional Marketing Videos May 2019

Therefore, Do you remember the article I left you about what my Patreon channel and my recovered YouTube channel have brought me. And what about the later one with the April videos and the not so good thing about having opened the Patreon and YouTube channel. Well, the month of June has arrived, and I bring you the summary of the May videos on Emotional and Experiential Marketing, Storytelling, Story doing and Transmedia. After these first four months, I can make an assessment of what happened. 

What have videos for Instagram and YouTube given me

It has helped me to recycle myself in terms of content. This is still a reality. It makes me stay up to date and investigate in different markets how these disciplines are and the actions that brands do through them. To document myself more. And that means reading a lot more. With or without time, I cannot create uncertain content, data that is not real or obsolete information. Having completed more projects and traveled so much for my Workshop Tour and other talks email leads unfortunately I can’t read as much as I would like and want. But there we are, trying to regroup. It has been GREAT for me to discipline myself . Those who know me well know very well that I am hyperactive .

And the not so good thing about this video project on Instagram and YouTube

he fact of having so many projects. there is a part of the discipline that I mentioned as a plus. which here sometimes becomes a hassle. Because time is what it is and it is what it is. And videos are not just recording and that’s it. It’s recording, editing, preparing, uploading and sharing. And that, my ER Lists friends, takes a lot of time. And sometimes, and I admit, more than I should, it is very difficult for me to start. That is, it is difficult for me to start writing articles or recording videos. The problem is not so much this, as that once I start, I have no end. So I have to try to find the balance.

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