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How do you know if Digital Marketing is working? In order for you to ruce your . Margin of error and, in turn, increase your .Chances of success, it is essential to know  Taking seriously whether your strategy is .Working. To do this, it is necessary to monitor some metrics that serve to measure Therefore the performance of your actions . Below . We list some of the most us .Marketing metrics in a strategy, they are: Return on Investment (ROI): makes a .Comparative analysis between how . Much you spent and how much you grew in sales; Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): establishes a relationship between.

How do you know if a Digital Marketing strategy

Digital Marketing expenses and the .Number of customers; Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): allows you to visualize your company’s growth in terms of revenue; Cost Per Acquisition: responsible for lead Latest database generation, it is the sum of expenses and contacts acquir within a period of time; Cost Per Lead: is responsible for evaluating the Therefore expenses you have to generate a new lead.

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When you start a sentence with ‘as a result’, your reader will immediately know two things the one that best suits your type of business. How do you know if a .Digital Marketing strategy is not working. Unfortunately, few companies pay attention to the results of Digital Marketing . The truth is that, deep down. Few know how to identify . Whether the company is really ER Lists making a profit or not. Let’s look at some scenarios: if today your company spends R$2,000.00 on marketing and acquir four new customers, each customer cost your business R$500.

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