When we realize it it s already too late

At this point we realize that we have been doing it wrong, that we need help and that we must leave behind that arrogance (I can do everything) and that false need to do everything and spend (invest) the minimum. So we made the decision to ask for help. But we do it at a time when we are in crisis , full of pending tasks, with a minimum level of motivation and energy… We need a quick solution, but seriously, finding the right person who can help us is something that takes its own time . Is not easy. Assuming we find it, which won’t be the first time, we give it (and suddenly) three slaps in Bud Spencer style : Our project is chaos . Because we have been “doing what we can and in a hurry” for a long time.

There is hope for your project, just like there is for mine

Come on! Dry your tears and keep reading, it’s not a big deal . Well, yes, because it is as true as the top of a pine tree but it is also true that it can be avoided, that is why you are top industry data swallowing this mega-post … Right? Keep reading, please. Take a break if you want, but come back with energy because now you know what this post is about: to prevent you from making a serious mistake that could stop your success . In honor of the series… for the next chapter Now ads come out, you are left with your mouth open and say “what????” You better keep reading, leave your opinion .

The (almost) most common scary story in the world of digital entrepreneurship

Almost defeated by indecision, a few minutes after starting and still in my underwear, I picked up my phone and ER Lists read your message again: “go for them tiger” (with the respective laughing emoticons). I remembered your laugh when I showed you the presentation and your “your joke at the beginning is good” and the doubt dissipated. Come on! I started the talk with the question of what would you do with an extra €1,000/month 3 months before your launch? and people started dancing YMCA. Strange things from the live. Hahaha.

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