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Maybe you should have trusted people in Your Weekly important places within your structure and, at least for me, it is now important to have closer communication with that person and even meet whenever necessary. 3- Don’t stay with just one type of niche In our case we only “knew” how to do one thing: Mega paperwork niches. And long before those paperwork niches we were specialists creating only Amazon Affiliate niches; Nowadays I think that if you plan to do more than one niche, always try to vary the theme or the type of niche you are going to do .

Gorithm that harmed Your Weekly the typical micro

Because I am one of those who thinks top industry data that diversifying risk is much better. At the time Google killed the health niches, then it made important changes to its algorithm that harmed the typical micro niche affiliate websites and in the future it will surely continue to change things in other niches. The best way for us nichers to protect ourselves from these changes is to have a varied portfolio of websites in different niches and of different types .

Large search volumes and we even attack smaller

Nowadays, for example, the paperwork ER Lists niches have much more competition, so we have had to move and explore other sectors. Therefore, in addition to continuing to do some Call to Click niches, we also bet on more traditional niches with large search volumes and we even attack smaller websites but with fairly high RPMs. In short, we no longer do “only paperwork niches.” Final reflections of a Nichero I think I’ve told you everything I can think of about what we did to improve our niche business. The main thing, and where I think the key was, was to delegate and to bet especially on what we saw that generated the greatest return, we made intelligent decisions at the time to get there.

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