A Brief Overview of The Causes of Prostatitis in Young People

When he was having sex with his girlfriend. He always felt tired. Before that, Mike had been very healthy and had been in a good state of sports. But these days, he suddenly had premature ejaculation when having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend. Prostatitis can lead to reproductive and urinary system abnormalities, and even affect normal sexual function. So why do more and more people suffer from this disease when they are young?

 Alcohol A Brief stimulation

Long term alcohol stimulation will increase the risk of prostatitis. Ethanol in alcohol will enter the blood and flow with the blood to all parts of the body. When stimulated executive email list by alcohol, it will make the disease extremely excited, cause the expansion and congestion of capillaries, leading to cell edema, increase the alcohol concentration in the blood, and make the congestion and swelling of the prostate severe. If it does not subside for a long time, it will cause prostatitis.

Hyperemia of prostate

When young men eat spicy and irritating food for a long time, it will cause local blood vessels to expand and congest, reduce their resistance, and some harmful bacteria ER Lists in the prostate will multiply in large quantities, thus inducing prostatitis. In addition, when the perineum is oppressed or has excessive sexual life, the prostate’s extreme congestion will also cause the disease.

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