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The Bowie Agency , with 10 years of experience in digital marketing and performance, brings Marketing Consulting to the market for companies that already have allocated teams. With Bowie’s Marketing Consultancy you save time and focus on what effectively brings results. Half of our clients rely on consultancy work, working on strategies, guiding results and qualified leads. But what does Marketing Consulting do? Team Oriented Consulting, for example, connects marketing and sales teams to collaborate and share results. It is essential that companies know that marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin. Marketing is responsible for attracting potential customers by generating.

Content and creating strategies that bring in more leads

While sales are responsible for alignments, meetings and conversions into customers. When the Marketing and Sales Teams are together for the same challenge, they work in tandem to plan and produce marketing results that are effective for the business. Digital marketing and Yahoo Email List sales areas are often seen as separate departments, with different objectives and goals. This can lead to a lack of communication and coordination, hurting the bottom line for both departments. So, here’s the question: how to integrate digital marketing and sales actions, aligning expectations and creating a true unity between processes? First, it is essential that both areas have a CRM – Customer Relationship Management – ​​or Customer Relationship Management. In addition, Marketing and Sales should have frequent alignments, preferably weekly, so that business objectives are shared.

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Check out some tips from the Bowie Agency on how Marketing Consulting

Company achieve better results: Define clear processes What steps should be followed to capture the lead? When is a lead ready to be worked on by the Sales Team? These questions must be answered for Teams to act collaboratively. When the potential customer comes into direct ER Lists contact or enters the Digital Marketing flow, it is important that he is qualified for the sales approach as soon as possible. Today you have dozens of CRM tools that can help with the steps. Leave spreadsheets aside and bet on digital marketing and sales platforms. Plans and Schedules Planning is the secret of any Digital Marketing job. This step should include business objectives, clear goals, strategies and, of course, timeline and budget. With the Bowie Agency Marketing Consultancy, you have the planning stages and analysis of Digital Marketing, leaving more time for your teams to carry out the work.

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