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How to promote a restaurant in 5 hours, days, weeks? June 29, 2021 HoReCa How to promote a restaurant in 5 hours, days, weeks? Sometimes you can afford a strategy written for years. Other times, time is running out, the competition surprises with creativity, and you start to wonder how to promote a restaurant in weeks, days or  hours. To promote a restaurant online? How to promote a restaurant on social meia? How to promote a restaurant on the local market? What is the best way to promote a restaurant? First, an important note: before you start your campaign, it would be a good idea to do a marketing audit and review of your local market.

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You can run already expensive online and offline activities. However, if it is base on incorrect assumptions , it misses the nees of the inhabitants. Even if your communication strategy was perfect in the past, take a look at it again. The phone number list owners of the premises, busy from morning to evening with work, usually do not visit the premises of competitors. If, for example, you use to be known for delivering, and today, after the pandemic, dozens of premises in the same district offer such a service, then you nee to start thinking about a new distinguishing feature.

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First of all, it is better not to start thinking about how to promote a restaurant.  Online after it has been opene. Definitely worth a few months in advance: buy a domain. Start working on social profiles, inform ER Lists about the planne opening of local portals, start advertising.  Through Google Ads , positioning , add information about the premises to directories, registers, guides. When you start a restaurant, you won’t have enough time to think about how to promote the restaurant online. Start early – domain registration is ongoing, and behind-the-scenes photos of the opening of the premises will work as a free form of advertising.

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