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Digital Social Marketing 18 is here. One of the best Online Congresses of the year in Online Marketing and Social Media will be held on June 19 and 20, 2018 online.  Marketing 18 is organized by Miguel Florido , and this edition has 32 speakers to celebrate a 100% free digital marketing conference . An essential marketing event in Spain that you should not miss. Last year the online congress exceeded 13,500 registered , and the event was a trending topic in 3 countries: Spain, Colombia and Venezuela. Therefore, for me, it is a luxury to be.

Among the speakers

Of Digital Social Marketing 18 this year , with a presentation on Instagram. Because I don’t want you to miss it, I’ll tell you below what the event is like and executive email list why you have to register They say that free is worthless, that it is not worth what you pay for. But it is not true in all cases. And the Social Marketing 18 organized by my friend Miguel Florido is a good example that a free marketing and social media conference can be a success. Marketing with many leading that Who organizes Marketing 18 DSM18 The free online congress is organized by Miguel Florido and the School of Marketing and Web , which is a guarantee of success. Miguel Florido has been. They manage to only just tickle the javascript that Google Analytics uses to notify you when a visitor normally views a page. 

A leader in Digital

Marketing in Spanish for years, a speaker at conferences and events in Spain and Latin America. I still remember when I started following your ER Lists content at the beginning. Of your Blog, and seeing what it has become now makes me very happy. In addition, Miguel Florido recently created. The School of Marketing and Web, which develops many activities. In Valencia, including the Master in Online and In-Person Marketing with many leading professors within our sector. The keywords. I tried not going only after the main “reverse phone lookup” phrase, since it’s very competitive. Instead, I selected some long tail phrases, with the main focus on the Canada phrases: In short, nothing too complicated.

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