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Anyone can lower the price. The problem is to sell cheap and be profitable. What does this mean? That in order to have low prices and still make money, you have to have economies of scale, strict cost control, and have the ability to control many of the processes. Customers to Be very efficient, have a financial muscle that allows you to maneuver all the uncertainties. The supplier, the supply chain, a significant mass of clients. Volume, so that it amortizes costs. The above means that 99% of companies probably do not have these tools, which does not mean that they have to be condemned to compete on price. The other way out, when you can’t sell cheap and be profitable, is to differentiate yourself. Demonstrate to your clients why it costs what it costs.

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Focus on a market segment that really recognizes that you have something unique, that that client is unlikely to find anywhere else and that is. So, it is not that we are forced to compete on price. It is not that there are no more outlets. Differentiation is the company data way out. One presumes that because he is part of the company and obviously he is the one who has to tell the story to customers: the benefits, product arguments; the salesperson should be convinced that he really has the best alternative for that customer. However, we sometimes assume that just because you represent blindly.

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Customers to And it is difficult, because when the seller is not absolutely convinced that he has a better. Option versus the competition, not only will he not be able to ER Lists delve into arguments, handle objections and effectively communicate all the benefits to the client. So, the first sale we have to make is precisely to our own team. Or to the person in charge of selling those arguments to the client. Give him information about the competition, explain it to him, demonstrate it to him. That you really come away absolutely convinced of the quality of the product or service you are offering.

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