First impressions are everything

For graduating college students. Making a positive impression to potential employers is key First impressions. To landing a full-time career upon graduation. Attire and documents to make a lasting impression with employers.
On Oct. 18, approximately 30 students. Who are studying to be Personal Support Workers (PSW) attended a career fair at Evergreen College in Toronto. The students were all in various stages of their academic program. 

In what was the First impressions

First-ever career fair at the college, six industry employers attended the fair. Five of these organizations were hiring agencies and one represented a local long-term care facility. On the large number of employers wanting to hire the college’s students and meet with them.
Typically, the goal for employers and recruiters at a job fair is to executive data meet. The students and-hopefully-position them at the top of their hiring list.
Preparation will propel many PSW students to the top of this list. From reviewing their resume to practicing interview skills, preparing a portfolio and dressing for success; below are some suggestions to help students prepare for their next career fair.

Research the organizations 

Learning about their location, work culture and job postings can help students get an idea of the type of position(s) they would be hiring for. Also, identify any gaps in information to help fuel any questions ER Lists that the students would want to ask at the fair. Knowing the types of organizations that are attending can go a long way in helping students to complete. A list of questions for each employer.

For example, asking a recruiter where the company is located. What types of positions they are hiring for could demonstrate. That a student has not done their research. It would also be wise to avoid any discussion about salaries. Or benefits unless it’s something that the recruiter brings up.
Instead, aspiring PSWs could ask employers. Where they might be situated. What kind of support they offer to PSWs working in the community. And how and when PSWs can they get a hold of someone. If they have a question or need backup support in the field.
Dress for success. Whether it’s facility experience as a PSW or customer-service. Traits from a previous career it’s important to be able to back up each item with specific examples.
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