Here are four trends expected to take root in 2023

Entering into 2023, telcos globally will be looking for more agility and collective resilience amid growing geopolitical uncertainties and economic turbulence. 

2022 has seen initial skirmishes in the battle that mobile operators. Have embarked upon to restore their finances and deliver a positive return on investment. According to data published by Business Research Company, in 2022 the global telco market size grew to USD 2,866.61 Billion Here are from 2,642.14 Billion in 2021 USD Billion at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5 percent. This trend is likely to continue! Fresh Covid outbreaks have caused concern for them. Telcos, off late, are facing a wide range of macroeconomic and structural challenges that are affecting their revenue growth.

Telcos are now occupied in fine-tuning

Their strategies to cope-up in a more volatile business environment. Expanding the scope of their existing transformation initiatives. Telecom operators in different corners of the executive data world are refocusing on sustainability. Including cost-optimization, process transformation. And inclusion of new tools in their marketing mix and a lot more.

Here are Amid the predicted high inflation

Pushing up operating costs, telcos need to deal with multiple challenges ranging from customers’ cost-of-living pressures, to evolving customer expectations, to changing consumer perceptions. The diverse challenges to be faced this year need immediate attention.

This year, telcos are going to see a huge amount of innovation. Driven by developments such as wider adoption of mobile advertising opportunities. Large scale digital transformation ER Lists the introduction of 5G. New win-win partnerships with technologies like moLotus and new services. Designed for superior consumer revenue generation and ARPU management.

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