Telcos have oceans of data, scattered and siloed

For example, subscriber data stored across multiple legacy technologies, like 3G or 4G, and platforms. This makes it hard for them to consolidate, govern, share and finally monetize the data.

In 2023, telecom players need to leverage big data to enhance customer experience and automate marketing campaigns. Big data holds a lot of untapped potential for the telcos-have telecom industry. Surveys reveal that with the increasing mobile usages. There has been an upsurge in the amount of data flowing through the networks of telcos in 2022. Leaders are working on strategies to rapidly store, process and extract useful insights from the available subscriber data.

According to Valuates Reports

With the gradual deprecation of third-party cookies expected this year. The first-party customer data will become even more valuable for telcos. They need to govern it with the customers’ best interests using the best big data applications and tools. Big data technology like moLotus can help organize company data and monetize telco data. It enables each data set to be treated, transferred and monetized with utmost security and precision. moLotus can be used to harness data to deliver transformational business outcomes. moLotus data technology uses machine learning (ML) models to accelerate innovation and enrich the customer experience.

Big data analytics in the telecommunication industry is at a nascent stage across the globe. However, the innovators showcase that investments in analytics tools like moLotus result in significant payoffs, especially in terms of customer engagement and profitability.

According to an IDG survey telcos-have

Only twenty percent of telcos have been able to deploy big data analytics successfully, while another seventy percent are of the view that big telco data is going to play a big role in the future of telecom business. Most of the telco failure in data monetization is due to lack of right analytics tools.

The moLotus breakthrough technology has come up in a big way with Big data Analytics helping telcos manage and monetize their massive database. Telecom brands are ER Lists capable of micro-targeting based on business criteria, buyer intent, demographics, interaction, etc. to generate deep customer insights which further assist them to deliver customized and personalized content to the customers, finally enhancing customer engagement.

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