Managed to double revenue after restructuring its sales process

From small to large companies, one of the biggest problems when it comes to sales is having a disorganized commercial process. And this in several ways: it could be an inappropriate sales funnel for the niche, the absence of an important step or the lack of understanding of sales techniques. The fact is that the sales process is the most important part of a commercial area; if it has an error, even a small one, it is very likely that you are losing several opportunities and, even worse, revenue. That’s why an online accounting management company, realized that it could improve its business by maturing its sales team through a commercial consultancy . Check out, in another one of our successful cases , how achieved expressive results by restructuring its sales process! Who is is a technology company that focuses on practicality and innovation for its customers.

Company works with online accounting management systems

Small and medium-sized businesses in all segments. The idea is to provide greater autonomy for its customers and assist the administrative part of their business in an agile and intelligent way. With more than 15 years of experience, the headquarters are in Minas Gerais. Why did Depository Institutions Email List they turn to DNA for Small? Like many companies, did not separate the commercial and marketing areas, in addition to not having a sales process structured according to the demands of the business. These two points are crucial for a successful business. The lack of an exact job description for each function and division of activities meant that sales professionals accumulated functions, being responsible for attracting and captivating leads , leading to the closing of the sale . In addition, without a defined sales process, the team’s results were not constant.

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Understood that it had the potential to improve its operations

In addition, they wanted to grow the business and were looking for ways to do it in a healthy and controlled way. Thus began the partnership between DNA and How was the consulting process? Over six months, DNA carried out a complete online consultancy with . Right from ER Lists the start, it was time to follow the routine of marketing and sales professionals and understand exactly how activities work. The analysis part is very important for the consultant to be able to carry out an assertive diagnosis for sales planning , mapping both gaps that must be corrected and strengths that can be maintained or improved. With this document in hand, the consultant assembles a SWOT matrix, which will serve as the basis for a diagnosis and an action plan.

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