Success story how reorganized its processes and started to hit all sales targets

.A good sales leader knows that without numbers and data it is very difficult for the sales team to get results. However, does every manager know what to do with this information? is one of those companies that knows the full potential of its team, but that, somehow, the expected results were not coming. That’s why they looked for the DNA of Sales for Small and managed to transform the reality of the business with consistent results and hitting consecutive goals for months. Want to know how this was possible? We tell you everything in this successful case of the real estate market ! Who is a real estate company that sells compact and intelligent properties, structured with leisure areas, offices, etc. Located in Curitiba (PR), the company was inaugurated in 2009 with the aim of offering modern and practical properties at a price that fits in your pocket.

Why did they seek consultancy from DNA de for Small

Like many companies found it difficult to measure results. Understand how the world of sales technically works, have a more analytical view and manage to achieve recurring goals. What happened is that a large part of the processes were carried out on a “ feeling ” basis. Without having really effective parameters or well-defined steps in each phase of the sale. The consequence of this is that the results Nondepository Credit Institutions Email List could not be measured, each salesperson had their own workflow and it was difficult to identify what was really negatively or positively impacting the results. This way, they knew that without the help of a company specialized not only in sales, but also in the real estate market, it would take longer to reach success.

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Together they drew up an action plan to impact the company’s results

Have greater projection in the market. Fill in your details below and access! Name * Email * Company * select select +55 I agree to receive communications. I want to check! How was the consulting process? When a DNA for Small specialist begins the sales consulting process.  The first step is to carry out a very detailed diagnosis of the commercial. Area using the methodology of the 4 Pillars of Productivity . In this ER Lists survey, the consultant will evaluate the stages of the process. The approach taken by sales professionals, when the follow-up is carried out.  Whether the tools used are really efficient, in addition to investigating the history of business indicators and metrics . Another very important point is to carry out a SWOT analysis.

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