Find out how ALFA restructured its sales process and managed to increase results

Lots of leads and few conversions. Does this look familiar? Without a doubt, one of the biggest gaps in the sales area is being able to optimize work and have a high conversion rate , making the most of the opportunities generated. However, most managers end up frustrated when they fail to achieve this goal, blaming the market or the economy. Alexandro Dias, CEO and Founder of ALFA Sistemas de Gestão, felt uncomfortable with the results of the sales team , but he knew that everything was a matter of adjustments and a refined look. With the help of DNA de Vendas for Small , he managed to impact the sales area with impressive results, in addition to implanting a culture of results and success Want to know more about this story? Check out another successful case from DNA de Vendas for Small! Have our articles first hand! Name.

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Get to know ALFA Sistemas de Gestão ALFA Sistemas de Gestão is a consultancy specializing in ERP management systems. Located in São Caetano do Sul, in the state of São Paulo, it has been in the market for 18 years. The company works with planning, implementation and Security and Commodity Brokers Email List support of systems for the internal management of companies, automating processes and extracting important data for the business strategy. What challenges was ALFA facing when it sought DNA de Vendas for Small? Alexandro tells that he got to know DNA de Vendas for Small through a businessman friend. He had already used the consulting service and noticed significant improvements in his business process .

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The main pain that Alexandro wanted to get around, as well as most sales

Managers, was the high number of leads , but low conversion which, as a consequence, influenced the non-achievement of goals and impacted the company’s sales strategy , in addition, of course, delaying business growth in the medium and long term. It was from these pain points ER Lists and from a conversation with a DNA for Small consultant that this successful partnership began. ALFA and Sales DNA for Small: how a specialized sales consultancy works There were 6 months of consulting with training, analysis, implementation of new processes and construction of a new sales culture. The first step was to carry out a SWOT analysis of the company in order to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Although Alexandro had sought DNA with pain, with the help of the consultancy he was able to realize that this gap was the consequence of another.

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