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The sales team doesn’t always get the results we expect, and in many cases it’s hard to know why this is happening. Motivated by the desire to stand out and become a leader in its segment, the team of Directors at TECEA Transportes sought the strategic intelligence of DNA de Vendas for Small to assist in the growth process. The results did not take long to appear: they reached a 40% increase in revenue, well-structured processes and a greater understanding of sales strategies . Do you want to know what were the other results achieved by the company? Follow this successful case ! Who is TECEA Transportes? The Tecea Group is made up of companies specialized in customizing Passenger and Cargo Transport solutions. With 30 years in the market, they diversify the service with their own and outsourced labor, being able to adapt to any flow, demand or region.

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TECEA Cargo: Handles more than 1,000 tons of fractionated products from different categories, destined for B2b and B2C customers. Why did TECEA seek consultancy from DNA de Vendas for Small? Tecea tells us that it sought a consultancy that could boost the results of its sales Holding and Investment Offices Email List team according to what the market required of them. The search for an effective and, above all, up-to-date team would bring access to a new range of clients. In addition, of course, there was also the desire to increase sales and productivity in the commercial area. At this point, it was clear that there was a lack of mastery of processes and well-defined steps, as the team worked, but the results appeared at a speed that was incompatible with their expectations. Thus, the TECEA Management team realized that having the help of a consultancy with years of experience.

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Crucial to develop its team and achieve the expected objectives. It was at that moment that the decision was ma to close a deal with DNA de Vendas for Small. Have our articles first hand! Name  Email  I agree to receive communications. register should. Not_change Diagnosis: what wasn’t working The first step in DNA for Small’s business consulting is the company diagnosis. It is here that the consultant ER Lists understands how the business is organiz. What needs to be improv, what must be maintained  and what actions must be taken to increase productivity and sales. For this, a SWOT analysis is carried out . This tool aims to discover, in an organized way. The company’s strengths and weaknesses and threats and opportunities, that is. How it can stand out from the competition and what is a barrier to its success.

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