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You can for example, convince that your product is the.. What is the cost of running an online store. Adam Galazka August. You will read in ~ min. Online-shop costs The cost of running an online store starts from literally a dozen zlotys a month and ends with the imagination and ambition of the owner It is natural, after all, that the larger the store, the higher the costs. Below you will find a list of the main factors affecting how much it costs to run a store Software We have options SaaS – Software as a Service, a store that we buy as a subscription – something like a Netflix subscription.

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We pay, we connect the domain and we have a store. A great solution to start with. We are not interested in installation, server and often also SSL. The store is available very quickly and for the first year – often also very cheap, . PLN net for the first months. In  addition – when something stops working – you can always contact the (although it is known phone number list that depending on the supplier, they work quite differently). The disadvantage of SaaS is their low susceptibility to modifications. The exception on the market is AtomStore, which is highly modifiable.

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Open Source – WooCommece, PrestaShop, Magento – for people with a technical flair – free solutions, assuming that we do not include working time and the cost of plugins. It gives freedom of action by accessing the source code. WooCommerce and Presta is “to be grasped” by a person who is not a programmer. Magento gives you a lot  of options, but at the same ER Lists time it is so complicated that it is definitely not an ideal choice to start with. Generally – Magento works best for large stores. The best way to use its functions is to have at least -digit amounts per store.

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