How to make webinars and lives that win leads and sales

Webinars are here to stay. After the challenge experienced by companies due to Covid-19 , companies and agencies learned how to organize webinars and lives that not only teach, but also sell. According to Neil Patel’s digital marketing portal, more than 60% of marketers are currently using webinars as part of their content marketing strategies. The growth of webinars and lives has exploded in recent years and, in particular, in recent months. Social distancing has brought digital learning and the importance of what we do in our daily lives to more traditional markets. But, how to integrate Inbound Marketing actions with live and webinar strategies? The answer is relatively simple, but the practice requires care. Firstly, it is essential to have reasons and effectively understand who will be reached with your video actions.

Do you already know who your Persona is This is the first question

Then think about how to “tie” these actions. E-mail flows, relationship rules and even the good old direct contact is worth it when it comes to creating a positive ecosystem for understanding the public and directing them to sales. We recently launched an e-book on “How to make Hospitals Email List webinars with content and quality”, where you can understand a little more formats, tools and objectives when creating lives and video experiences with an end audience. And why are webinars so popular these days? Simply because they humanize experiences between companies and customers. Webinars or lives are great for teaching people – in practice – lessons learned, challenges and success stories in your business.

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Livestreams and audiobooks the traffic increase is staggering

For B2B areas, for example, we had more than 40% increase in accesses and up to 14% in budget requests or commercial approaches. How to sell more ER Lists through my website? This is the big question for everyone who owns their own business. And we’re not just talking about e-commerce: if you sell services, you also need to prepare your communication channels to attract and convert leads into customers. To help you in this process, we have prepared four sure-fire tips on how to make an effective sales website : landing pages A landing page is nothing more than a page created to generate conversions. It is through them that you can create several different forms, always according to the final objective. For example: a good way to get leads is to offer rich materials (such as magazines and ebooks) for free.

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