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HubSpot has just released a fresh report entitled “ State of Inbound 2017 ”, for which it heard over 2000 respondents in Latin America (over 600 of them in Brazil alone) and 6000 worldwide. We analyzed the material and brought you a series of four texts telling a little about what is most interesting and that can be used by everyone who is part of the world of digital marketing . In this first text, we will talk about the main marketing and sales trends for 2017, as well as the challenges to be faced. marketing priorities As you might expect, the top priority for most marketers surveyed, more precisely 72% of them, is converting leads into customers. That is, marketing, which was previously considered just a cost center for companies, now has a direct participation in financial results. More than ever, it’s clear that Inbound Marketing sells.

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Can leverage a business here on the blog, and you can check the text here . Recently, we also listed some marketing actions that contribute to sales, worth checking out! Hubspot ‘s reportit also brought interesting data about the differences in priorities in different regions of the globe. While everyone is focused on converting leads into customers, here in Latin America the concern is Office 365 Email List to sell more to your existing customer base and increase traffic to your website. While almost everyone else in the world is slightly more concerned with increasing overall traffic. Inbound Marketing When talking about specific inbound priorities, increasing SEO presence came first, mentioned by 56% of respondents.

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As it should be, marketing automation also occupies a large space among Inbound priorities, being mentioned by 40% of participants. It’s worth remembering that we’ve also talked a lot about automation tools around here. And that we’re quite adept at them. We manage not onlyHubspot , but also SharpSpring and RD Station . Check out a little more about this subject here . Sales When it comes to sales, the answer ER Lists seems obvious: 76% of professionals make. “Closing more deals” their top priority. The second major concern is improving the efficiency of the sales funnel. With the need to optimize the process and adapt to new consumer shopping habits. Challenges Marketing challenges are many. If not long ago, the ROI of marketing activities reigned in first place in the ranking of challenges, today it is second only to the difficulty in generating traffic and leads.

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