Prostatitis will have a significant impact on our work and life

We must treat it in time. For acute prostatitis, antibiotics are usually needed. For chronic prostatitis, because antibiotics are difficult to penetrate, people can choose herbal medicine for treatment. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice. It repairs the damaged tissues Prostatitis will wipes out toxins to restore your reproductive system. It can not only eliminate symptoms but also fundamentally cure prostatitis.

Most men have body heat Prostatitis will

But their prostate is afraid of cold. Because there are many adrenal receptors in the prostate part. The prostate will be affected when the body is cold, making sympathetic nerves overexcited. Causing the contraction of the prostate gland, increasing the pressure in the urethra. Affecting its executive data urination. And when it is difficult to urinate. It will also bring damage to the prostate.

Of course, in addition to medication, we need to do a good job in daily care. Such as doing more physical exercise, to improve the blood circulation of the human body, promote the increase of secretion of prostate fluid, to dilute bacterial toxins.

Thus entering a vicious cycle

Causing prostate infection. We also need to pay attention to the hygiene of private places. We must have the habit of taking a bath frequently and changing underwear. We ER Lists should pay special attention to keep the external genitalia and perineum clean, especially after defecation, which can effectively prevent prostate infection and reduce the recurrence rate.

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