Success story check out how Acade Lotear increased its revenue by 40% after consulting with DNA de Vendas For Small

Establishing a commercial pipeline that optimizes a company’s operations to the point of accelerating its sales productivity and leveraging its billing is not an easy task! But Acade Lotear managed to achieve this and other impressive results in a short time, based on the consultancy with DNA de Vendas for Small . Look: increased conversion rates for opportunities generated to close deals from 9% to 54%; increase in monthly revenue by 40% Want to know how to generate positive results like this? So, get to know this story and understand how to leverage your productivity just like Acade! Who is Acade Lotear? Acade Lotear is an administration software aimed at managing and selling allotments. This product is tailor-made for companies in the real estate segment .

What was Acade Lotear like before DNA As it was born from the

Initiative of professionals in the area of ​​Information Technology (IT) and data processing, before hiring DNA for Small’s consultancy, the managers of Acade Lotear had total focus on the technical part of the business. That is, attention was focused on the development Special Trade Contractors Email List of the system. As a result, Acade’s commercial operations were hampered, as there was no survey or monitoring of numbers and performance indicators (KPIs) related to the sales process. During the Consultancy, Luimar Tiepolo, founding partner and administrative and financial director of Acade Lotear, explained that, due to this flaw, the product even stood out in terms of quality compared to its competitors, but did not surpass them in sales volume.

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In addition Tiepolo also highlighted how much this deficit interfered

directly in other sectors of Acade Lotear. Such as the generation of MQLs – the responsibility of the marketing team.  Even a simple matter of automation, such as the use of a Sales CRM . In a company where 90% of the operational and strategic. Force is devoted to product development and almost nothing to sales. It is not surprising that the partners themselves were not only responsible for. ER Lists software development but also had to deal with contract closing .  Implementation and support. Growth attempts Realizing that the business was not generating the expected result. Acade ‘s managers began their search to solve the problems, but without any specialized guidance. To improve sales management , administrators began hiring professionals in the area.

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