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A person who knows how to use a computer a little. also came from there. For me, it is almost always important that the domain name is a direct keyword that is most closely relate to your business. If you choose a keyword that people search for on Google as your domain name, it can later have a beneficial effect on your website’s SEO ( search engine optimization ) . For example, if you sell car tires and the name of your limite company is Rehvimees OÜ, then in this case your domain name would be However, if the name of your private limite company is KPR Invest OÜ (but you deal with the sale and installation of tires), then choose the domain name or , etc., of course, if they are still available. By doing this, it is useful for SEO in later marketing.

As your domain name or combine

The customer can understand exactly which page he is visiting and where he has ende up. If you are a blogger, you can put your own name the Latest Mailing Database domain name of the topics you write about. As you already know and have notice while browsing the internet,, and. org. In the case of Estonia, domains ending in .ee . All kinds of new domain extensions like .agency, . pizza, .club , etc. However, I don’t recommend you to use them yet, because your customers may not be able to find you that way.

Latest Mailing Database

When you start looking

Let these extensions gain a little more popularity ER Lists them. In the case of personal and other brands, the domain name is of course always the brand itself. Domain name selection summary: Before you decide on your domain name, some additional recommendations: Can your domain name be use as a brand ? For example, if your company is engage in construction and your company’s legal name is ” KPC Holding OÜ “, then your company name is not suitable for your domain name.

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