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Box license – Shopgold, SOTE – rather a dying genre. It combines the above solutions, access to the store’s source code with simultaneous support, as with SaaS. The cost is from several hundred to thousand. PLN net. It is also possible to upgrade for a few hundred zlotys net. In addition to this, of course, you need your own server. Fewer and fewer companies sell software in this model and in the next – years they will probably be forced out of the market. Dedicated solution – Software written for your business, or partially for your business. Just like Magento – without a -digit budget, it’s better not to approach.

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Product introductionintegration with. The warehouse Products can be inserted into the store both manually and downloaded automatically from a given source, as well as update stock levels. With more than database a dozen products, manual methods are not very effective, which is why the integration of stock levels is most needed. Product import, priced separately by software vendors, and their price starts from as little as PLN . This is the case when the software has ready integration with a given warehouse, . RedCart or TakeDrop. If the integration is carried out on request.


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The cost of importing the assortment from the wholesaler is about PLN , – , net at a time, while updating stocks and prices is about PLN – net per year. Graphic layout If your store is to sell, it must inspire trust. So it can’t look like one of tens of thousands of other similar sites. The most frequently chosen SaaS in Poland is Shoper – due to the low cost of setting up ER Lists a store. Therefore you will surely find a lot of sites using its basic template. For a price of around a few hundred zlotys, you can also count on other ready-made skins. shopper templatesThe cost of such a solution.

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