Three points in common in transmedia storytelling

But for those who do not feel like reading the entire article now (although I suggest it to better understand the concept of transmedia storytelling or transmedia narrative), I will tell you in summary. Transmedia narrative is a narrative that disseminates and diversifies the plot from the main axis of the story to a narrative universe. But all through different platforms, motivating and stimulating users to collaborate to expand that same universe with parallel stories within the same plot.

Three points in common in transmedia storytelling

Three points in common in transmedia storytelling. Expanded Universe. We all know the three key points of a story. The beginning, the middle and the end. Although let me tell you that I am creating my own methodology by changing the order of the stories and content to make them more persuasive, more motivational and, in the end, generate that email database click from your audience so that they make decisions. But I’ll tell you about it later, because I’m preparing a one-month Mentorship and another three-month Mentorship (I’ll keep you informed).

User Experience or User Experience

User Experience or User Experience. Users collaborate in the construction of the story. Not from the mother story, but from the daughter stories. That is to say, it is a total and absolute work of co-creation and with guarantees of impact. And logically, this generates an immersive experience in history for each of the users. Each of these new points of contact, that is, each ER Lists independent story, must have autonomy. That is, they have meaning and their own life independently of the rest of that universe that we are creating together.

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