What is a Love mark and how to be one of them

I have been talking for many years about what a Love mark is and why every brand should become one of them. The concept is not mine, of course. The person who coined the concept of it was Kevin Roberts. But I will talk about him throughout this article. Although it may seem super cheesy and nerdy, that is the answer from Kevin Roberts, former CEO of the global advertising giant, the Saatchi & Saatchi Agency, and author of the book “Love marks, the future beyond brands.

Two basic functions of brands

Two basic functions of brands. A brand has two basic functions. The first is that it serves to differentiate itself from the rest of the products (or services). And secondly, but no less important, to create a (corporate) identity that relates the product (or service) to a series of properties and/or values. That, above all VALUES. A love mark job function email list is a brand that manages to attract its audience for reasons that go beyond the rational. As Kevin Roberts said in his book “Love marks.

Key points to turn (you) into a lovemark

First of all, let’s start with the mystery. I’m sure the same thing happens to you. We see Lovemarks wrapped in great stories and great metaphors. Many of them are full of secret ingredients and iconic characters. And it is curious and almost magical how they skillfully combine the past, the present and the future. Those brands that have the sustaining capacity to take advantage of ER Lists our dreams and aspirations. But of course, with the Mystery it happens like with emotions, it is difficult to quantify it. As Homer Simpson would say: “That’s why it’s mysterious.”

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