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just take social networks as an example . The company creates a specific action — or takes a position in the face of an event — and receives feback from consumers in real time , which can be us as a thermometer to measure how acceptance of certain content will be Results analysis Property Map – Digital Organic Inbound Marketing Project Another example of the facilities that Digital Marketing provides is the calculation of ROI (return on investment).

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You can also calculate the return of each action during execution. Digital Marketing Overview Want to see a summary of what I’ve said so far? Just watch this video: Digital Marketing Overview What is Digital Marketing for? Working with online strategies us to be a privilege for more up-to-date companies that could really make big investments, especially in creating a good website . Today, fortunately, access to this type of service and strategy is increasingly easier, and even small entrepreneurs can work with Digital new database Marketing strategies : The Importance of Digital Marketing According to the TIC Households 2020 survey, approximately 81% of Brazilians ag 10 or over already have access to the Internet.

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 Furthermore, in the ranking of world populations that spend the most time online each day, the Brazilian population is in third place. It’s becoming increasingly easier to understand why companies are preferring to invest in the digital environment, right? But the question I often receive is: Does Digital Marketing work for all companies? The truth is that Digital Marketing can help micro-enterprises, small, mium and large companies to gain more business opportunities . It is a gigantic universe that brings numerous advantages, such as lower prices, greater reach, segmentation and measurement ER Lists of results. In fact, I’ve already heard Guilherme summing it all up well: “ Digital Marketing is very democratic.

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