5 ideas to take advantage of the experience of an English course

Studying English at International House Dublin has been a great decision although the week has flown by. You can read here how I planned the trip , but other details are learned as you go. If possible, it may be interesting to develop a stay of more weeks. Ideas to Take advantage of the training offer that this school has to study more hours of English or participate in some specific program. Such as Business or Business English. The school has all the activities very organized. They left nothing to chance, so both the presentation and reception. The initial level test to later configure the classes. The materials and their development.

Ideas to Accommodation with a family

My hosts have more than twenty years of experience executive email list in this task of hosting students and professionals who travel to Dublin to improve their English. In zone 2 of Dublin, to the south, Ms Green with a marked, and curious to my ears, Irish accent and Mr Green with an elegant English accent , have a magnificent house where I have had a comfortable single room, wifi, and a shared bathroom with a young French student who was also staying in the house. Complying with basic rules such as agreeing on breakfast and dinner times, notifying if you are not going to attend dinner at any time.

A day in Belfast

The biggest surprise of my trip! On Saturdays ER Lists there are also usually activities within the school’s social program. Given that the weather forecast did not make it advisable to visit areas. Such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway. Which requires a four-hour bus ride from Dublin, a good option is to visit Belfast! One day will allow you to stroll through the Ulster Museum , the adjacent Botanical Gardens , Queen’s University , The City Hall , and choose between visiting the resplendent Titanic museum or the Harland and Wolff shipyards where the Titanic was built with a very particular charm.

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