Initial Tips for Taking an English Course Outside of Spain

This is probably the first question we ask ourselves. Among the training offer to be evaluated. We can find General and Business English Courses for adults. Courses for exam preparation: FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS; Summer. Semester or annual courses for young people and teacher training along with individual classes. A General English Course of 20 hours a week – each hour is 60 minutes of class, in other cases. Initial Tips the training offer of the schools is 20 lessons a week, and each lesson is 45 minutes of class – represents a cost that It ranges from 245 euros each week if you choose a course of one or two weeks duration, and drops for each added week to 175 euros each if you plan to participate in a course of 24 or more weeks.

Initial Tips Level of English

On the first day of classes there is usually a test to executive data evaluate. The students’ level of English in order to assign each person to the most appropriate group. The European Commission, through Europass.  Provides a self-assessment table of language competence levels with a scale of 6 common reference levels for the organization of language learning and its public recognition. Answering these questions honestly will give us an idea of ​​what level we have. Improving your level of English requires effort and continuity and the Internet offers a large number of free resources for this purpose, some of my favorites are The Blog to Learn English, and the British Council podcasts and the podcasts published by the BBC.

Citizens of a country in the European Union

Therefore, It is not necessary to present a national identity ER Lists card or passport. If we travel between countries in the Schengen area. But it turns out that Ireland is part of the European Union but is not part of this borderless Schengen area. , so it is necessary to present a valid identity document or passport . If it is not in force, you can request an appointment to obtain a DNI, Passport or both at the DNI appointment service of the Ministry of the Interior. In my case I was able to choose the day and time for a couple of days later, it is necessary to provide a color passport-sized photograph and pay the fees, and if the computer system allows it, the process is processed in a few minutes. They were really efficient and nice at the Police Station!

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